Stefon Harris

Empathy’s Warrior Prince

Think of the history of the vibraphone in Jazz and several important names might come to mind. Lionel Hampton, Milt Jackson, Bobby Hutcherson and Gary Burton are all examples of legendary vibraphonists that have defined the role the instrument has played in Jazz.  In today’s Jazz scene, the name best associated with this storied tradition is Stefon Harris.

An accomplished composer, arranger, collaborator and bandleader, Stefon is also one of the preeminent improvisors in Jazz. Watching Stefon play is to see him fly around his instruments with the precision of an athlete, the grace of a dancer, and the curiosity of a scientist. Working with the large "L" that his vibraphone and marimba forms on stage, Stefon flirts with disaster, cultivates mistakes and always begins compositions with his signature call to musical collaboration.

Stefon’s initial offerings quickly turn into a lively conversation between this versatile band leader and his consummate crew of seasoned musicians. Concerts range from lively originals to superbly arranged classics from Bobby Timmons, Duke Ellington and Wayne Shorter. Already in his young career Stefon has played with everyone from Kenny Barron and Buster Williams to the SFJAZZ Collective and Blackout, his unique band that fuses dance, electronics, funk, and R&B with Jazz.

2018 was a signature year for Stefon, releasing the critically acclaimed album Sonic Creed, and being awarded one of the prestigious Doris Duke Artist Awards. As the Associate Dean and Director of Jazz Arts at the Manhattan School of Music, co-founder of The Melodic Progression Institute, and the developer of the successful Harmony Cloud music education application, Stefon is realizing a full spectrum of agency associated with "Empathy In Action," the core premise of how he moves through the world of Jazz.

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Musician / Band
Stefon Harris & Blackout
Stefon Harris & Blackout
Stefon Harris
Stefon Harris & Blackout
David Sanchez
Stefon Harris
Stefon Harris
The Classical Jazz Quartet
Stefon Harris & Blackout
Stefon Harris & Blackout

Chasin' Kendall
Of Things To Come
For Him, For Her
City Sunrise
The Single Petal Of A Rose
Drum Storm
Movement 1 - Part 1
Throw It Away

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