Changing the Landscape of Jazz

Lucky for us, the musical Renaissance continues as musicians from all over the world continue to redefine what Jazz can sound like. Each month features Musical Notes, a small sampling of artists who are stretching the boundaries of Jazz, and putting out marvelous work in the process. Here you'll find some of the brightest new voices in Jazz as well as new releases that you should definitely add to the soundtrack of your life.

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Jennifer Wharton


Jennifer Wharton guides her group 'Bonegasm' through fabulous charts written around her skill as a leading bass trombonist. Trombonists tend to support each other, and so it's no surprise that you'll find many playing on this album - a work that becomes the latest platform showcasing what a great musician, collaborator and bandleader Wharton is.

Brent Brickhead

Brent Brickhead

Brent Brickhead makes crossing over sound effortless and cool. Blues, funk, soul, chill and Jazz all get their turn in this exceptionally strong debut release. Spin this album to please everyone in your family regardless of their musical tastes. Songs range from dense chromatic romps, to smooth glides you’ll soon be dancing to. Don't sleep on Brickhead or his album!

Miho Hazama

Dancer In Nowhere

Hazama’s band sails through gorgeously intricate charts that make ‘Dancer In Nowhere’ one of the best albums to come out in 2019. Subtle, complex, delightfully surprising and vibrant throughout, this album will delight all parts of your head, heart and soul. Hazama is yet another wildly creative leader reinventing what larger ensembles can sound like.

Yotam Silberstein

Future Memories

Silberstein sounds older than his years. With ‘Future Memories’ he glides through tunes that flow together as well as his fingers do across the fret board of his guitar. Running from pensive to lively romps, this album outlines a superior talent who’s yet to put out a bad release. 

Allison Miller

Glitter Wolf

Never one to sit on her laurels, drummer Allison Miller has taken off on a new journey with her fabulous group Tic Tic Boom. This time the theme is 'Glitter Wolf,' where you'll find rock, Jazz, folk and anything else Miller wants to experiment with, to satisfy her creative aspirations.

Behn Gillece

Parallel Universe

I firmly believe that Behn Gillece can play faster than I can type or talk. No matter how fast, his lines are long, elegant and often stunning. 'Parallel Universe' is his latest gem, refining contemporary hard bop with a creative edge that keep his music swinging from beginning to end.

Iris Ornig


Telling stories with music is ancient and bassist Iris Ornig keeps up her end of the tradition with 'Storyteller,' a well crafted album of smart and engaging songs. With each original composition you get a sense that this is just the beginning of many more special albums and things to come from this talented musician.

Reggie Washington

Vintage New Acoustic

As an original member of the M-Base Music Collective, bassist Reggie Washington got in on the ground floor of experimenting with every aspect within the musical cannon of Jazz. ‘Vintage New Acoustic’ is a steady stream of ideas that keeps to this theme, whether invigorating solos or an inspired reinvention of 'Footprints.'

Allison Au

Wander Wonder

One of Canada's most gifted saxophonists, Allison Au is at the apex of composers who use quartets to hone their creative voice. 'Wonder Wander' is a good title for an album that rambles through everything Au does well - swinging tunes, thoughtful playing, and a mercurial curiosity for measuring the emotional weight of sound.